Lucky dad wins $270,453 jackpot at online casino, sends daughter to college

JeromeD, an online casino player and single father, has won a $270,453 in a single online jackpot – an amount sufficient to send his daughter to college, reported.

The lucky dad struck gold while he was playing the online version of one armed bandit “Rags to Riches” at automaty do gier

“The jackpot kept going up and up and up, and the weirdest thing is… I had a feeling that I would win on that particular game. Like I said to Ryan Hartley when he called to congratulate me,’I felt like aliens came and picked me up, or that I was having some kind of dream.’ It just didn’t seem real,” said JeromeD.

JeromeD has been a regular with InterCasino for about three years ago. He was drawn to because of the positive reviews he had read about the site, but he said that even after his win he would stay loyal to

JeromeD said he is going to spend a portion of his fortune to pay college tuition for his 10th grade daughter, and invest the remainder.

“I love when people win big, but it makes it even better when the money is put to good use,” commented manager Ryan Hartley on learning JeromeD’s future plans.

What advice does JeromeD give to his fellow slot players? “Perseverance. You really have to follow your dreams, and more than anything else, you have to realize that although it’s sometimes an uphill battle, it can happen. If it happened to me it can happen to anybody!”

While JeromeD’s $270,453 jackpot isn’t a record at, it’s one for the books at the family picnic. “The first person I told about the jackpot was my Mom,” the winner said. “I come from a big family, and the only other person ever to win anything substantial was my uncle who won $10,000 on a scratch card about 25 years ago.”

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