Keno – Just What Are Your Odds

Many individuals that are into keno will tell you, that the odds of winning a game of keno that has a big payout affords about the same chances as winning a lottery. While that really is not true, the odds are pretty stiff.

The reason Keno has such big odds is because the true Pro games of keno pay out some very big money. Now chances are you have dabbled in the game of keno at least a little bit at your favorite Bingo or Casino site. Low betting most likely, with dimes or quarters or maybe even dollars. It should be known here that there are some pretty good substantial keno wins that have taken place at some of the multiple type gaming sites. So in any event they shouldn’t be brushed off as being insignificant.

It should be remembered as well that on land keno has a totally different approach when it comes to the stakes. They are big dollars on land

Basically keno is all in the numbers. The more numbers you are willing to pick and take the chances of winning on, the more money you are going to win. Simply this is because the odds stack up against you when you have to win the higher number combinations.

What I refer to as the amateur keno players is those that are still playing for the small wins, like $50 to even a few thousand, and it is interesting to watch their mindset towards the game.

For those that are not too familiar with the game, a keno ticket consists of numbers from 1-80 that appear in rows of ten on a keno card. You can choose what numbers you think are going to be drawn (very much like a lottery), except the difference is you can pick just one number or up to ten numbers, although each keno game has its own rules pertaining to this. Now, there are 80 balls each containing a number from 1-80. Twenty balls are chosen out of these. If you numbers are chosen then guess what! You are a winner!

So how much do you win? That depends on how much you bet and how many balls you chose. Sound like fun doesn’t it? It most certainly is but it is also a game where you sure need luck to be on your side.

Just to give you a taste of the odds lets assume you just picked one number to win the odds would be 3-1 against. Well that’s not so bad, lets go to the other end of the spectrum and you decided to pick 10 numbers, what would be the odds of you getting at least one of those numbers? 10.8385 to 1 against. And what are the chances of getting all ten? 8911700.0000 to 1 against. I guess now you can see what I said is true, that you need a whole lot of luck on your side. If you do happen to beat the odds though and you are playing in the big leagues of keno, you are going to walk away a very rich person.